Below are some highlights and notices:

  • With the exit of 2018 form 4 class, a new student council has been elected and put in place for 2018/2019. Congratulations for the new student leaders.
  • Kindly note that due to the sensitivity of the national exams, no visitors will be allowed to the school after 24th October 2017.
  • Next term we shall have trips to Parliament and Kenya National Museum for History students at a cost of ksh.3000 each and a Scouts Camp at a cost of ksh.5000.

Below are some highlights and notices:

School opens9th January 2019-8.00a.m to 4.00p.m
Mid Term20th February 2019- 4.00p.m to 24th February 2019- 4.00p.m
School Closes4th April 2019 7.30a.m


  • Parents are reminded that No Visitations to the school should be made on Saturday or Sunday.To avoid any inconvenience, book for any appointments between Monday and Friday during office.
  • Our swimming costume colour has been unified to a navy blur. Do purchase your child the correct costume at a reputable uniform shop. It should have our printed school name and logo.
  • Avoid buying fancy school items for your son/daughter.


  • 1. Students will not be allowed out of school on weekends. Kindly make arrangement for out of school appointments between Mondays and Thursdays unless there is an emergency.
  • 2. Any visitations to the school by the parents must happen between Monday and Friday at 8.00a.m and 1.00p.m after booking an appointment. No visitations will be allowed on weekends.
  • 3. During the term, students will not be allowed out of school and back without their parent or guardian escorting them.
  • 4. A medical letter will be required if a parent takes their child to hospital during the term.
  • 5. Do ensure that your child has the required uniform in the stipulated amounts.
  • 6. Only non-coloured clear water bottles are allowed. Kindly make amends where necessary.
  • 7. Do ensure that your son/daughter properly completes all assignments given before returning to school.