We are proud to be involved in providing pre-school and primary education as per the education system in our country. The world is not changed by multitudes but by a small band of individuals who are passionate and focused about their call of duty. Success will not seek you out, you must go for it. To succeed in anything we must keep climbing even though we can’t see the price at the top and we should always believe we would eventually emerge the best.

This is my firm belief as I head a group of suitably qualified and experienced staff who are dedicated, highly motivated and learner friendly in supporting, mentoring and nurturing talented young people.

As we work towards achieving the national goals of education, learners are taught a wide range of subjects through dynamic and diversified methodology which is aimed at not only passing exams but also preparing and equipping them for life.

We have our language policy which is highly observed by all. To boost reading and writing skills, we have early readers during well organized library lessons.

Not all pupils learn at the same pace and achieve the set academic targets in the same way, hence to help those learners with difficulties; we have a well organized remedial programme where learners get individualized attention.

Academic excellence is our pillar thus we have put structures in place to attaining good results. Pupils are always encouraged and motivated to finish all assignments and class work given to them; not compromising neatness of work. Set standards are always achieved through collective responsibility- with a good number of students scoring 400 marks and above.

Discipline is quite paramount in any educational set up, thus we have put in place strong measures to uphold the cardinal values and virtues which enhance social and emotional growth. Our guidance and counseling department is quite vibrant and plays a vital role in attaining high discipline standards for we in Mutungoni believe in the power of communication.

We greatly supplement our teaching with co-curricular activities. This forms a basis to have the young people to explore their talents in various fields at their formative age.

Finally, I have the pleasure to conclude by saying that team work has been our anchor all along. We embrace involvement of all stakeholders through a well defined communication system and participation in all school activities. Our school motto “Do the Best, achieve the Best and Be the Best” has been our driving force for our good performance. I take this special opportunity to welcome you to the Mutungoni fraternity.


We admit learners from baby class to class 7 through a written interview in English and Mathematics. Interviews are always done weekly from Monday to Saturday between 8.30 am and 1.00 pm. Interview results are instantly given. Application forms can be down-loaded from the website.


Our school is a middle cost learning institution.

  • - School fees is payable on or before open day.
  • - NO cash payment is allowed.

All fees is paid through the bank:

Co-operative Bank Athi River branch Account No. 01120065072200. The bank slips are required immediately at the school office for receipting. Kindly download the fee structure from the downloads area.