The following are the key notices for next term:

Opening day, term I 2019 9th January for boarders,8.00a.m-4.00p.m (Monday) 10th January for dayscholars (Tuesday)
Open Day (Std 8) 2nd February, 2019 9.00a.m-12 noon (Saturday)
Visiting day, for boarders 2nd February, 2019 8.00a.m-6.00p.m (Saturday)
Open day (Std 7) 20th February, 2019 2.00p.m-4.00p.m (Wednesday)
Mid term break 20th February, 2019(Wednesday) 4.00p.m to 24th February, 2019(Sunday) at 4.00p.m
Closing day 4th April, 2019(Thursday) 7.30a.m-11.00a.m

To avoid inconveniencing classes for other learners, note that pupils who report later than official reporting dates will be inspected at break time, lunch time and at 4.00p.m. the parent is expected to observe this inspection before leaving the child in school.


Please ensure that you purchase all the uniform and items in the attached list according to the right quality. NB: All personal items must be labeled and uniform should be embroidered with the child’s name/sign.


  • • You are kindly required to purchase a grey fleece jacket (instead of anorak) without a hood but with a school logo.
  • • A durable non-coloured (clear) water bottle.
  • • Our swimming costume colour has been unified to a navy blue. Do purchase your child the correct costume at a reputable uniform shop. It should have our printed school name and logo.
  • • See the attached shopping list for text books required from next term to enable your child perform better.


  • 1. Ensure that your child/children have sports shoes and track suit to wear on the school’s designated days.
  • 2. The school does not allow coloured hair styles for girls. They should have short hair, corn rows or short braids(black) tied at the middle or at the back of the head with a black hair band.
  • 3. Provide your son or daughter with a nail cutter to help in keeping their nails short and neat throughout the term.
  • 4. In case you need to pick your child for a weekend out, the school offers courtesy bus on Saturday s and Sundays. The courtesy bus/van is normally at Pepe next to Posta Athi-river at 8.45a.m on Saturdays and on Sunday at 5.45p.m, which is the picking and dropping point.