Message from Directors

  • When we started Mutungoni academy in 1997, our idea was to establish a school that was committed to discipline, academic excellence and to nurture the individual talent in each child. We wanted to graduate children who are smart workers, self-disciplined, full of integrity and respect for themselves as well as others. In many ways we have achieved our goals. Our vast number of successful alumni is a testimony to this fact. Academically, we have achieved excellence in many past national examinations. In the primary section we have posted good results for many years since we first presented KCPE candidates in the year 2000. We have had our candidates admitted to the top national schools where they have gone on to prosper. Our highest performing pupil so far, Mathew Musalia Mwenesi, achieved 462 marks in KCPE 2003. In the secondary section we have presented candidates from the year 2007 and the lowest mark achieved so far has been a C- in KCSE. This trend has seen a lot of our secondary candidates admitted to university. Mutungoni Academy stresses the direct link between discipline and success in life. We try to ensure that learners are highly disciplined because the future of all of us depends on how well we handle the challenges that we face. Our learners are expected to adhere to the strict school rules so as to ensure that they turn out responsible in the future. DIRECTOR

  • Mutungoni Academy ensures the academic excellence of the boarding child, as well as social and spiritual well being in an environment that is a home away from home. Our dormitories are well furnished with cubicles of 6 – 14 learners each. House keepers (dorm attendants) are on call 24 hours a day to ensure security and discipline is maintained. They also ensure high standards of hygiene are maintained in all bathrooms, toilets and cubicles. Ours is a school that educates a learner to be self driven, independent and a responsible member of society. Learners are taught to clean their clothes, keep their cubicles tidy, be well groomed and manage their time effectively. This is through the rigorous programmes set. Learners are taught to respect school property and their neighbours’ property. This is because we do not hide or lock up items in the dorms. As the Bible says ‘The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom’. On Sunday, all learners assemble in respective areas and worship God together. The Secondary section has a Christian Union run highly by students every Thursday evening. This foundation on God as sovereign has helped see this school overcome any challenges or hurdles. The school kitchen serves an appetizing, well-prepared balanced diet. The menu includes the following: ugali, mashed potatoes, vegetables, beef, rice, cake, juice, mandazi, tea, bread, fruits in season, jelly, legumes, eggs, chapati, pilau and sausages. Mutungoni academy is truly a home away from home. Seeing is believing. CO-DIRECTOR