Mutungoni Academy has all the modern facilities required to create an enabling environment that is conducive to learning.


The school has the necessary sporting facilities needed for the physical development of the learners. We have fields for soccer and rugby, courts for tennis, volleyball and basketball and a swimming pool. Table tennis and badminton are also offered. Sporting activities are taken seriously and every learner is compelled to participate in one sport or another every day.


We have modern classes which accommodate a few learners. The school has fully equipped libraries in each section. We have fully equipped laboratories for biology, chemistry and physics. The secondary section also has an art room and home-science room for those interested in these special subjects which enhance their talents.


To create a ‘home away from home’ experience, we have modern dormitories with cubicles accommodating a reasonable number of learners. Learners are assisted with their major washing by the housekeepers in the dormitories but wash minor items like socks, for themselves.