Mutungoni Academy is an institution that tries to ensure that the learners are fully occupied during their stay here.


There are various clubs that are vibrant within the school. They are designed to encourage cooperation, team work and stimulate a sense of togetherness amongst our learners. These clubs include the following:

  1. - Scouts Club
  2. - Presidential Awards Scheme
  3. - Creative Arts Club
  4. - Home science club
  5. - Journalism club
  6. - Fine Art Club
  7. - 4K Club

Other Events


Entertainment in the form of movies and indoor games is carried out during the learners free time. Learners also watch news on television every evening to keep abreast on current affairs.


On a weekly basis, the learners are exposed to internal debates in English or Kiswahili to train them on public speaking and help build confidence.


We carry out excursions for the children to various educational areas including the National Museum, Bomas of Kenya, the Animal Orphanage, Mt. Longonot, Thomson Falls, Lake Nakuru National Park etc. These are undertaken every year to ensure that learners build on their general knowledge. Form four candidates are exposed to the set books by way of attending the dramatical plays based on these books. The excursions are both fun and educational. In first term we undertake trips for rewarding the good performers in the various classes. These are fun trips and we visit various places including movie theatres, theme parks, the ice rink etc. GU


This is carried out by our teachers who are well versed with the issues of the youth and the challenges they face. The children are guided on all aspects of their development in what we call "Families".